Alexandria, Virginia and Washington, DC

One of the things that I admire so much about Joey is his ability to research and plan trips. I love to travel but do not thrive in the whole planning process of vacationing.  Raleigh provides us a whole new radius of nearby cities and tourist options!  We had seen ads for Alexandria, Virginia years ago when we were visiting Joey's family in NC and thought it would be a fun getaway, so my man made it happen!  We stole away last weekend to Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC! Alexandria was so charming!  I loved walking the blocks of historical town homes and perusing the water front.  To say the town has character is a big understatement.  There are plaques everywhere indicating historical locations and events.  Not only is it pretty to look at but the food scene is GREAT!  I wish we could have stayed longer to try more restaurants. What made this trip so ideal was how affordable it was; we saw most of the town and learned so much about the history simply by walking.  All of the walking made the food taste even better!

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We were able to visit Washington, DC for part of the the day on Sunday.  Joey was beside himself, as this was his first time to DC.  You would never have known it was his first visit because he had done so much research beforehand!  We started at the Lincoln Memorial and made our way past the World War 2 memorial and Washington monument.  We were then able to cut over to the White House!  While we only saw a fraction of what DC has to offer, I would say it was a manageable chunk for his first visit!   We finished our day by grabbing coffee with our friend Mary Emily and then took the metro back to our car before we headed home.  It was a long day, but we certainly enjoyed ourselves and the slightly cooler weather!2016-09-26_0015.jpg

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