Our Second Anniversary

Today, Joey and I celebrate two years of marriage!  Our wedding day was filled with joy and so many people that we love dearly.  Two years feels both short and long at the same time. Lord willing we will have many more years together, making these first two seem like a small season, but in this short season, a lot has happened.  We have grown so much.  Joey and I often talk about how we've grown in knowing and loving one another.  We have truly been doing life together;  making hard choices, making fun choices and sometimes having to be still and watch things unfold when we desperately want to be in control of the outcome. If someone would have told me that we would be living in Raleigh, NC, and I would be working as a nurse with Duke, I would have surely given a sassy, disbelieving look.  Yet, here we are.  The Lord has surely provided.  What I rejoice in seeing him provide on a daily basis is a deepening affection for my spouse.  I adore him.  I often look at him and become emotional thinking about the great gift he is to me.  Joey displays unbelievable patience, grace and control on a daily basis.  I admire his ability to think before he speaks (something that I am not so strong in...haha), and the thoughtful responses that he gives to people.  He makes me better.  He is a spouse who gently points out sin. He is a spouse who is equal parts strong and kind.  He is a patient teacher and a brilliant man.  I'm so glad he's mine.

Joey, it is a delight being yours.  Thank you for reminding me of the truth when I'm tempted to rely on anything else.  Thank you for sitting with me at Starbucks back in Clemson.  Thank you for asking me asking me to coffee at "All In" Coffee Shop and then taking me on our first date.  Thank you for asking me to be your wife by Lake Hartwell.  Thank you for taking me to be your bride on September 20, 2014 and everyday since.  I love you.

A few pictures to reminisce:

View More: http://naisang.pass.us/1-getting-ready-sj Savannah was so kind to take a few anniversary pictures for us while we were in Seattle in August.  She is very talented!  Thanks Banah :) 2016-09-14_0112.jpg 2016-09-14_0113.jpg 2016-09-14_0114.jpg 2016-09-14_0115.jpg 2016-09-14_0116.jpg 2016-09-14_0117.jpg 2016-09-14_0118.jpg 2016-09-14_0119.jpg 2016-09-14_0120.jpg 2016-09-14_0121.jpg 2016-09-14_0122.jpg 2016-09-14_0123.jpg 2016-09-14_0125.jpg 2016-09-14_0126.jpg 2016-09-14_0127.jpg 2016-09-14_0129.jpg 2016-09-14_0130.jpg 2016-09-14_0131.jpg 2016-09-14_0132.jpg 2016-09-14_0133.jpg 2016-09-14_0134.jpg 2016-09-14_0135.jpg 2016-09-14_0136.jpg