Seattle Vacation - August 2016

  I recently blogged about my and Joey's trip to Seattle to spend time with our very dear friends Brock and Savannah!  This trip was much anticipated, as we love every moment with these two and couldn't wait to explore their new home.  I want to share a few of my photos from the west coast.

The first full day we spent on the west coast, Brock and Sav, took us to the Public Market and showed us all of the iconic sites.  We saw the gum wall and the Market, witnessed fish getting tossed, and we caught a glimpse of the space needle and the ferris wheel.

2016-09-14_0023.jpg 2016-09-14_0024.jpg 2016-09-14_0025.jpg 2016-09-14_0026.jpg 2016-09-14_0027.jpg

Below:  We went to Queen Anne, where we saw this breathtaking view of the city and Mount Rainier in the distance. 2016-09-14_0028.jpg 2016-09-14_0029.jpg 2016-09-14_0030.jpg 2016-09-14_0031.jpg 2016-09-14_0032.jpg 2016-09-14_0033.jpg

Below:  University of Washington Library 2016-09-14_0034.jpg 2016-09-14_0035.jpg 2016-09-14_0036.jpg

I love these pictures of Brock and Joey, they are constantly laughing with one another. 2016-09-14_0037.jpg 2016-09-14_0038.jpg 2016-09-14_0039.jpg 2016-09-14_0042.jpg

2016-09-14_0044.jpg 2016-09-14_0045.jpg 2016-09-14_0046.jpg 2016-09-14_0047.jpg

Below: Sav teaching Brock how to dance... 2016-09-14_0048.jpg 2016-09-14_0049.jpg 2016-09-14_0050.jpg 2016-09-14_0051.jpg 2016-09-14_0052.jpg 2016-09-14_0053.jpg 2016-09-14_0054.jpg 2016-09-14_0055.jpg 2016-09-14_0056.jpg 2016-09-14_0057.jpg 2016-09-14_0058.jpg

Below:  The View from Hurricane Ridge 2016-09-14_0059.jpg

2016-09-14_0060.jpg 2016-09-14_0062.jpg 2016-09-14_0063.jpg 2016-09-14_0064.jpg 2016-09-14_0065.jpg 2016-09-14_0066.jpg

Below: Crescent Lake 2016-09-14_0067.jpg 2016-09-14_0068.jpg 2016-09-14_0069.jpg 2016-09-14_0071.jpg 2016-09-14_0072.jpg

Below: Ruby Beach 2016-09-14_0073.jpg 2016-09-14_0074.jpg 2016-09-14_0075.jpg 2016-09-14_0076.jpg 2016-09-14_0077.jpg 2016-09-14_0079.jpg 2016-09-14_0080.jpg 2016-09-14_0082.jpg 2016-09-14_0083.jpg 2016-09-14_0084.jpg 2016-09-14_0085.jpg 2016-09-14_0086.jpg 2016-09-14_0088.jpg 2016-09-14_0089.jpg 2016-09-14_0090.jpg 2016-09-14_0091.jpg 2016-09-14_0092.jpg 2016-09-14_0093.jpg 2016-09-14_0094.jpg 2016-09-14_0095.jpg