Brock & Savannah | Washington State

Joey and I recently had the privilege of traveling to Seattle, Washington to visit two of our very best friends.  This trip was such a blessing in so many ways.  We were thrilled to visit our friends and get a glimpse of their lives in Seattle.  One of the things that I loved the most about our visit was getting to view their marriage up close for a week.  We have only seen them once since their wedding a year ago and it was a brief visit.  The Lord has grown them together and their marriage is beautiful.  I love seeing the tender care that they have for one another and the delight they have when they are together.  It is so refreshing and encouraging to be around them. Seattle is such a unique place; it is equal parts wild and urban.  I loved seeing towering trees and rugged waters just feet away from tall buildings and busy roadways.  It is a truly beautiful place.  Brock and Savannah have done such a wonderful job of exploring where they live.  When Savannah asked me if we could snap a few photos at a park near where they live, I was delighted to do so!

Love you Brock and Banah, thanks for letting me take these pictures for you! 2016-09-14_0097.jpg 2016-09-14_0096.jpg 2016-09-14_0098.jpg 2016-09-14_0099.jpg 2016-09-14_0109.jpg 2016-09-14_0101.jpg 2016-09-14_0100.jpg 2016-09-14_0102.jpg 2016-09-14_0104.jpg 2016-09-14_0103.jpg 2016-09-14_0105.jpg 2016-09-14_0106.jpg 2016-09-14_0107.jpg 2016-09-14_0108.jpg 2016-09-14_0110.jpg 2016-09-14_0111.jpg