Enjoy the Little Things

Joey and I watch 4 super hero shows every week (Marvel's Agents of Shield, Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow). These shows are action-packed and we love talking about the characters and cliff hangers after each episode; but I must admit my new obsession has a little bit different type of super heroes.  Their names are Chip and Joanna Gaines.  Every episode they save the day for a family who is willing to take on a fixer upper for a home.  I love seeing their intentionality, skill and passion at work.  You can tell they love what they do!  Not only that, but you can learn a lot about decorating and home care from that show! I was never very interested in home decor or hosting until Joey and I got married.  It always troubled me that I struggled so much with hospitality prior to marriage.  I wanted to be willing to open my home and create a place of leisure for others to enjoy, but I never quite felt at home until I had my very own space.  Now, I take great delight in creating a home for my husband and myself as well as one that can provide a place of rest and refreshment for our guests.  I have a lot to learn, but have picked up a few things along the way from friends with a knack for hosting, Pinterest (of course), REAL Simple magazine and the aforementioned show "Fixer Upper".

The spring weather and bright days have made me want to bring out my camera on my days off and snap shots of our home when the light is just right.  It has also been great practice for wedding season coming up!  Here are a few shots of some of my favorite spaces in our home.

Yellow Facelift-Spring2016

Yellow Facelift-Spring2016-3

Yellow Facelift-Spring2016-2

Home Decor 1

Old Dresser

Yellow Facelift-Spring2016-14

Home Decor 2

Yellow Facelift-Spring2016-21