The Lancaster Family - Spartanburg, SC|Family Photos

Becky has been a dear friend of mine since my freshman year of college.  She has always been someone that I can depend on, whether it is for a good recipe, a workout buddy, or a listening ear.  From the very beginning of our friendship, she has been a faithful encourager!  Any time after I get to hang out with Becky, and now her sweet family, I leave with a full heart. Grey and Becky, thank you for letting me come and spend a couple of days with your family and for allowing me the privilege of capturing a few photos in this exciting season!  James has such a fun personality!  It is fun seeing him take on qualities of his parents.  He is so blessed to have the two of you!  I can not wait to meet baby Lancaster, another sweet family member to love!

The Lancaster's Fall 2015.Final-57


The Lancaster's Fall 2015.Final-25


The Lancaster's Fall 2015.Final-32.jpg



The Lancaster's Fall 2015.Final-56.jpg

The Lancaster's Fall 2015.Final-65.jpg

The Lancaster's Fall 2015.Final-67.jpg


Boys will be boys!  James was far more interested in running and playing than reading and pausing for pictures!  He kept us all laughing the whole time!

The Lancaster's Fall 2015.Final-71.jpg

The Lancaster's Fall 2015.Final-73

This is my personal favorite from the day!  Becky taught James how to do a "shelfie" and I must say he nailed it!


The Lancaster's Fall 2015.Final-95.jpg