Matt & Morgan - Engagement Pictures

Morgan and I became friends our freshman year at Clemson.  We did SummerLINK Hilton Head together, a summer discipleship program with our church.  That summer, we were inseparable; we lived in the same apartment, worked at the same job and she had the car that got us everywhere.   What stood out to me most upon first meeting Morgan was her genuine kindness.  She wears a constant, contagious smile and is always bubbling over with encouragement and joy.  There are no words describe how dear this friend is to me and how much it delighted me to take pictures of her and Matt!  Watching these two interact warmed my heart.  Morgan and I spent many nights throughout college chatting about our future husbands, wondering who they would be, and how our relationships would look.  Matt compliments Morgan so well.  As I expected, they laugh a lot, enjoy the movie Nacho Libre and treat others with remarkable kindness.

Location:  Pendleton Square, Pendleton, SC