Meet Sammi


Hi there!  Thanks for dropping by!  My name is Sammi Evans.  I love coffee, taking bubble baths, listening to Frank Sinatra, traveling, watching the show Super Girl, burning scented candles, as well as long walks through Costco, Target and Dollar Tree.  Home decor and styling has become one of my new passions.  I am a very visual person and am inspired by still beauty that tells a story, which is part of the reason why I love photography so much. 

I married my husband on September 20, 2014. He is my best friend and adventure partner.  We love to travel, split a pizza, go on coffee dates and enjoy everything autumnal. He has been my biggest supporter in getting my business off the ground.  I cherish our engagement and wedding photographs; they take me back to a season of life that was so exciting, sweet and magical.  Having a photographer who captured our personalities made all the difference not only on our wedding day but even now when I relive that sweet season by flipping through those images.  It is my aim with every client, to deliver them images that likewise tell the story of their lives in that very moment. 

As I've shared, I love capturing beauty and I find beauty in character.  The character and uniqueness of people as well as the style that helps characterize them.  I would define my style as simple and eclectic.  I appreciate a multitude of colors as well as the simplicity of black and white.  I love clients who are willing to be adventurous in their style and tell a distinct story through their photos.  

Please contact me if you are looking for someone to appreciate your story and who you are!